Reflex is a collaborative partnership situated at the intersection of community organizing, urban research, and creative engagement

Our Mandate

Reflex values community self-determination, mutual aid, and consent within a model of transformative change. As a studio, we develop justice-oriented strategies to support grassroots and non-profit organizing, as well as municipal and private initiatives.

Our Vision

Reflex envisions a new way of doing urbanism. To realize this vision, we : 


Around shared understandings of our urban environments

And toward common goals centred in transformative justice.


Place-based knowledge and organizational capacity

To equitably redefine access and agency

For the most disenfranchised in our communities. 


In today’s most pressing urban questions,

Using care and consent to support community self-determination, 

While creatively addressing inequitable urban politics.


Organizational cultures and everyday urban life

To address ongoing urban dilemmas 

Via purposeful research, education, and organizing.