Reflex is a collaborative partnership between elise antoniadis and Darian Razdar

Elise Antoniadis

collaborator, reflex

Elise Antoniadis is a life-long Torontonian who is committed to shifting planning power from the government and private developers to everyday people and their communities. She has completed two degrees at the University of Toronto — a BA in Political Science and Ethics, Society & Law and a MSc in Planning. Elise supports planning as a tool for community autonomy and collective liberation. Their work is informed by experience as a frontline youth worker in North York, as a community engagement strategist for a downtown Toronto public realm project led by Campbell House Museum and the Grange Community Association, and in community education at the Jane and Finch Centre. Elise also loves to illustrate absurdist images, ride their bike into oblivion, and work on their novice jazz-drumming chops.

Darian Razdar

collaborator, reflex

Darian Razdar is a researcher, organizer, artist and writer. Darian completed the Masters of Planning program at University of Toronto (2020) and holds Bachelors degrees in Social Theory & Practice and French & Francophone Studies from the University of Michigan (2018). His organizing spans campaign building, policy advocacy, direct action, queer arts, urban gardening, and student union organizing. Darian has worked for the Detroit Institute of Arts, Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres, Grace & James Lee Boggs School, UMich Spectrum Center, and UMich Museum of Natural History. Darian is a Participatory Action Research(PAR) professional, having researched urban geography and planning with residents in Detroit, Paris, and Toronto. Darian is currently a Bricks & Glitter organizer, Michigan Student Power board member, and founding collaborator at Reflex Urbanism.