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From toronto to the twin cities, Community is our strongest asset AGAINST POLICING How city governments use police and policing to displace those reclaiming their right to the city. View our offerings & get in touch The May 24th march for Regis Korchinski-Paquet, Jamal Francique and Chantelle Krupka made clear policing’s pervasiveness in our cities.…

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REFLEX Responds to Police Violence at #JusticeForRegis Memorial March Reflex supports all those who organize against police violence in Toronto, the GTHA, and beyond. We are here to build capacities beyond all forms of policing and incarceration. View our offerings & get in touch Reflex participated in the May 24th memorial march for the police…

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Welcome to reflex Hello! Welcome to Reflex Urbanism. We are a studio founded by Elise Antoniadis and Darian Razdar, two recent graduates from the department of Geography and Planning at the University of Toronto. We decided to establish a new kind of planning and urbanism studio centred around social-justice approaches towards engagement, research and organizing.…

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Social impact consulting studio at the intersection of cities, space, and culture. We grow community assets and collective capacity.

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