Friends of Chinatown Toronto

Community Land Trust Research

In Summer 2020, Reflex partnered with Friends of Chinatown Toronto (FOCT) to investigate Community Land Trust (CLT) models for the Downtown Chinatown Toronto community. Our research followed four phases:

1) Needs and assets assessment of Downtown Chinatown in relation to a culturally-appropriate Community Land Trust

2) Case studies of relevant CLTs in Canada and the US, and especially emerging mixed-use (commercial-residential) CLTs

3) Effects of commercial gentrification on working-class and immigrant neighbourhoods & history of commercial gentrification in Chinatown

4) Opportunities for Community Benefits organizing at specific development sites in Chinatown

Our collaborative research process led to four key research products for FOCT to use in its campaign against gentrification of Chinatown Toronto:

1) Community Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

2) CLT Primer for Community

3) CLT Primer for FOCT

4) Section 37 (Ontario Planning Act) & Community Benefits Primer for Community Organizing