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We offer all services remotely and hope to provide hybrid services shortly.


1. Conversation

Everything starts with a conversation. We know that making change is complex, and Reflex is here to help. Preliminary consultations offer our clients our fresh perspective and expert, community-driven advice. Let’s find solutions to your most pressing problems.

3. Training

Reflex creates trainings and educational material to mobilize knowledge and capacity. We conduct needs assessments with each client to tailor unique learning outcomes. Our trainings engage groups through participatory activities, raise awareness, and incite change.

2. Research

Got a question in need of a response? Reflex develops dynamic research plans around your most pressing questions. We put the plan to work by collecting data and synthesizing information for actionable recommendations. Our research toolkit includes literature review, survey, interview, field study, policy analysis, participatory action research (PAR), benchmarking, place-based methods, and more.

4. Action

Reflex dares to put our knowledge into action. We work with leading organizations to implement change and grow assets, including client-tailored community engagements, working groups, public programming, and ongoing evaluation.

Past Projects

research: Chinatown Toronto community land trust

We work with Friends of Chinatown Toronto to investigate the CLT models in relation to Toronto’s downtown Chinatown community.

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